Reliable and Excellent Value Web Hosting

Excellent Value Hosting
There isn't a lot to web hosting, no really, there isn't. So why should you have to pay as if there is? We don't think you should pay over the odds for website hosting so we only charge £3 per month. No extras, no additions, no surprises. The same level of service as everyone else, but for less, because it isn't difficult given the reliability of systems these days.
No Nonsense Domain Names
Next we have Domain registration. Yes, you can do it yourself on loads of sites, but why should you have to? Just let us know what you want and we'll register it for you in your name. A personal service and reasonable pricing: .com/.net/.org for £20 for two years and for £10 for two years. We can register your domain for you immediately, just ask us any questions.
Personalised e-Mail
Then there is e-mail. I'm sure you have your own e-mail accounts and we're not going to say that you have to have another. We can happily forward any e-mail accounts you like for your new domains to your existing e-mail account or accounts. We can forward as many e-mail accounts as you like in that way. Yes, we can give you a POP3 e-mail account for your domain if you want to keep the e-mails separate.
Easy Site Management
So you have your site online, but how are you going to update it? Well there are several options. Firstly you can update it from anywhere using our simple online content management system - a fancy way to say that you edit the text online. Secondly, if you want to build your own site you can just FTP your pages up to our server. Lastly you can always ask us to update it for you, this is the only option we charge for.
Server Side Features
You get loads and loads of space. To start with you get 5,000 MB of web space; typically that's all you will need but if you have a lot of high-resolution images or flash movies then its no problem to extend it - just let us know. If you want to create your own dynamic pages then we support ASP.NET or PHP5 solutions, and are happy to provide any assistance you need in creating your own site including fixing bugs and supplying working code samples.
Reliable Service
There's no point having a site if it fails you, all those missed hits that could be missed sales, that's why we make sure our systems won't let you down. Our hosting and e-mail system has a 99.9% uptime. Our content management system and back-office applications have been tested for many years and have been proven to be bug and crash free. Of course, problems do happen from time to time but we are just an e-mail away from the solution.
No Knowledge Required
It doesn't matter how much you know about web hosting, because we do everything for you and will happily explain anything you want to know. Why should you spend time trying to sort out hosting when all you want is to have it done for you while you get on with something more important - like writing the marketing content that goes on the pages. You tell us what you want, and we provide it, simple as that.